Srinivasa Ramanujan

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Srinivasa Ramanujan life full history.

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Life in England

Ramanujan departed from Madras aboard the S.S. Nevasa on 17 March 1914. When he disembarked in London on 14 April, Neville was waiting for him with a car. Hardy had already received 120 theorems from Ramanujan in the first two letters, but there were many more results and theorems in the notebooks.

Ramanujan spent nearly five years in Cambridge collaborating with Hardy and Little wood. Hardy was an atheist and an apostle of proof and mathematical rigor. Whereas Ramanujan was a deeply religious man who relied very strongly on his intuition and insights. The paper was more than 50 pages and proved various properties of such numbers. Hardy remarked that it was one of the most unusual papers seen in mathematical research at that time and that Ramanujan showed extraordinary ingenuity in handling it.

At age 31 Ramanujan was one of the youngest Fellows in the history of the Royal Society.


Ramanujan was plagued by health problems.
In 1919 he returned to Kumbakonam, Madras Presidency, and soon thereafter, in 1920, died at the age of 32.

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