Tulsidas Goswami (Rambola)

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Goswami Tulsidas


Tulsidas was born on saptami. The seventh day of shukla paksha. The bright half of the lunar Hindu calendar month Shraavana.

Sukarkhet Soron, District Kasganj in Uttar Pradesh, is the birthplace of Tulsidas Goswami.


Tulsidas was born after staying in the womb for twelve months, he had all thirty two teeth in his mouth at birth. His health and looks were like that of a five-year-old boy. He did not cry at the time of his birth but uttered Rama instead.

Rambola was left to fend for himself as an impoverished orphan. Wandered from door to door begging for alms. It is believed that the goddess Parvati assumed. The form of a Brahmin woman and fed Rambola every day.

Third small group of authors which includes H. H. Wilson, Garse De Tasse and Krishnadatta Mishra gives the year as Vikram 1600. The year 1497 appears in many current-day biographies in India and in popular culture. Biographers who disagree with this year argue that it makes the life span of Tulsidas equal 126 years.


At the age of five years, Rambola was adopted by Narharidas, a Vaishnava ascetic of Ramananda's monastic order who is believed to be the fourth disciple of Ramananda.

Rambola was given the Virakta Diksha  with the new name of Tulsidas.

When he was seven years old, his Upanayana was performed by Narharidas on the fifth day of the bright half of the month of Magha at Ayodhya. A pilgrimage-site related to Rama. Tulsidas started his learning at Ayodhya. He believed to be written when Kali Yuga started troubling him.

Tulsidas was making sandalwood paste. When a child came and asked for a sandalwood Tilaka. This time Hanuman gave a hint to Tulsidas. He had a full view of Rama. Tulsidas was so charmed that he forgot about the sandalwood. He beseeches Rama to give him Bhakti.

Tulsidas later came to the sacred city of Varanasi and studied Sanskrit grammar, four Vedas, six Vedangas, Jyotisha and the six schools of Hindu philosophy over a period of 15–16 years from guru Shesha Sanatana who was based at the Pancaganga Ghat in Varanasi.

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